How can I prevent squid from being detected?

Solution 1:

You can inhibit X-Forwarded-For with

header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all

in squid.conf

this is all I've required but further headers you may wish to deny are at

Solution 2:

This is straight from my squid.conf:

#Privacy Things
via off
forwarded_for off
follow_x_forwarded_for deny all

Since version 3.0 you need to build squid from source for these limitations to work with some special flag for './configure'. This is how I build mine:

./configure --enable-http-violations --prefix=/usr --includedir=/usr/include \
  --datadir=/usr/share --bindir=/usr/sbin --libexecdir=/usr/lib/squid        \
  --localstatedir=/var --sysconfdir=/etc/squid --enable-auth="ntlm,basic"    \

(CentOS 5.5)

Solution 3:

this is my config, now my squid proxy not detected anymore.

#Anonymizing traffic
forwarded_for off
#request_header_access Allow allow all
#request_header_access All allow all

request_header_access X-Forwarded-For deny all
request_header_access Via  deny all

Solution 4:

Have you considered setting up a VPN to the AWS instance instead of setting up Squid? Then route traffic through the AWS instance, which would avoid squid and be undetectable. Just throwing it out there. That's exactly how a friend of mine set up a VPS in the UK to access the BBC.