How can I keep a container running on Kubernetes?

You could use this CMD in your Dockerfile:

CMD exec /bin/bash -c "trap : TERM INT; sleep infinity & wait"

This will keep your container alive until it is told to stop. Using trap and wait will make your container react immediately to a stop request. Without trap/wait stopping will take a few seconds.

For busybox based images (used in alpine based images) sleep does not know about the infinity argument. This workaround gives you the same immediate response to a docker stop like in the above example:

CMD exec /bin/sh -c "trap : TERM INT; sleep 9999999999d & wait"

Containers are meant to run to completion. You need to provide your container with a task that will never finish. Something like this should work:

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: ubuntu
  - name: ubuntu
    image: ubuntu:latest
    # Just spin & wait forever
    command: [ "/bin/bash", "-c", "--" ]
    args: [ "while true; do sleep 30; done;" ]