How can I import Opera bookmarks into Chrome?

Export bookmarks from Opera as a HTML file (menu File/Import and Export/Export Opera bookmarks).

To import into Chrome, open a new tab and type chrome:bookmarks. This will display a page that is not accessible from the customize 'spanner' menus.

You will see an organise tab with a drop down menu. The last options are import to and export from HTML file.

There is no need to use third-party software to 'translate' bookmarks any more.

I found bug trying export Opera bookmarklets into Chrome : Opera bookmarklet should not be contain empty folders and folders without name (otherwise while Chrome stops importing process after empty folder / folder without name position)

So 3 steps migrating Opera bookmarks to Chrome:

  1. Check and delete Opera bookmarks for empty folders / folders without name (this applies Trash folder too - so clean it up)

  2. Go to Opera menu button - Settings - Import and export - Export bookmarks as HTML (choose file name and location)

  3. Open Chome's Bookmark Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O), find Organize menu - Import bookmarks from HTML file... (and locate Opera's exported file)

Opera 35.0 appears to have no Import/Export option under settings, and they have deactivated Opera Link, so there is no way to do this except through other 3rd party software. Transmute does not appear to work.