How can I get a post excerpt in Jekyll?

Something like {{ post.content | strip_html | truncatewords: 50 }} produces a more consistent excerpt. It gets the first 50 words and strips any formatting.

Sure, you can use {{ post.excerpt }} in place of {{ post.content }}.

You can also manually override the automatically generated excerpts if you don't like them.

Full documentation on how to do this here:

To get a custom length excerpt for each post, you can add a excerpt_separator variable in front matter of your post. If you set this variable to <!--end_excerpt-->, then post.excerpt will include all content before <!--end_excerpt-->.

excerpt_separator: <!--end_excerpt-->

This is included in excerpts.

This is also included in excerpts.


But this is not.

To save yourself the effort of adding excerpt_separator to front matter of each post, you can simply set it in _config.yml.