Apple - How can I extract an .xz archive graphically on Mac OS X 10.4?

Not graphically, but this showed up in searches so for those of us who want to do it from the command line using Homebrew:

$ brew install xz
$ xz -d to-extract.xz

I've used the following native command on mac:

gunzip filename.xz 

This won't work on OS X Tiger (which was first released in 2005), but it works fine on more recent versions of macOS.

I'd give The Unarchiver a try. It's free, graphical, supports 10.4 and can extract .xz archives. There is also a CLI version.

Another option is Keka it's free (as in beer, newer releases are not open source) and older versions support older releases of macOS. For those that prefer that, it's also available in the Mac App Store.