How can I export an evernote account into

You probably already found an answer, but if not there is Evernote mode for Emacs (requires Ruby 1.8.7 or later).

  1. Apply for Evernote API key

  2. Download and run the backup script in

  3. Write another Python script to convert that to org mode files.

I just had this problem myself and wrote a tool to solve it:

From the README:


Tool to convert Evernote export files into orgmode.

What does it do?

It converts your Evernote export file into an orgmode file and also extracts out your attachments, saving them as orgmode attachments. (Use C-c C-a to see your attachments.)

Notes that were created with a source URL (e.g., created using the web clipper) are presumed to have relatively complicated formatting and so are saved as html files (with links in the org file).

Notes without a source URL are presumed to have been written manually and so are converted into orgmode formatting.