Android - How can I disable "app is running in the background" notifications?

I am on Oreo 8.0.0 and couldn't find a setting for this so ended up using this Hide "running in the background" Notification

I have several apps running in background and disabled them all using this app, as it serves no useful purpose for me to know

Auto Notification is another app that has this feature amongst other Tasker oriented features if you are interested.

I preferred the first one since I don't use Tasker

Edit: These are Bye the way notifications

Long press/Hold the application name is running in the background and toggle the switch available, like seen in the below screenshot (option is currently enabled, turn it off to disable the running in background notification) toggle option

Or you can go to Settings > Notifications (enable show system apps option found in menu) > Android System > Disable Apps running in background (options enabled in screenshot for viability) android system toggle