How can I create object and use it in Objective-C?

Try the following code to initialise it.

AudioEngine *audio = [[AudioEngine alloc] init];

you can use following code to call its method.

[audio pauseAll];

if you have some code like then you can call it by simply adding [].


[[audio abc] pauseAll];

AudioEngine is a C++ class. You will be calling C++ from Obj-C. In particular, the AudioEngine's methods are static functions, so there is no "object" to create.

You should pause and resume as opposed to mute and unmute, since mute would continue playback and simply set the volume to 0. Additionally, pausing is easier based the functions avail in the AudioEngine header you listed. Volume control requires knowing the audioID which would require some tracking to ensure that all playing audio is muted/unmuted.

When you want to pause, just call:


To resume, just call:


As an FYI, it is possible you may need to use the cocos2d namespace as well. Which means experimental would change to cocos2d::experimental.

Another caveat is that your Obj-C code must be compiled as Objective-C++ source.

There are two ways to do this.

  1. The source file uses the .mm extension.
  2. The type of the file set in the File Inspector in Xcode is explicitly set to Objective-C++ Source. .m files will be listed as Objective-C Source. To do this, select the file in the Project Navigator and then choose View:Inspectors:Show File Inspector in the menu. The File Inspector, if not already present, will show up on the far right.