how can I convert a GIF to Lottie json?

I was looking for the same. I am looking for an automated method but a quick search led me here. So I figure it doesn't exist yet. I would assume without having done much research yet we should be able to break the GIF into individual images and then use after effects to create a Lottie version. We will also most likely need to create vector versions of the individual images to save on file size.

I find a way to solve this problem. to convert a gif to a Json there are lots of website which convert Gif to Json but none of them has a proper output for lottie library.

so this has two steps to do that :

  1. first you must convert Gif file to a video I recommended this website: Gif2Mp4 or any other converter.

  2. in second you must use the link below :

Video to Lottie Json this is the only website which has a good output to render

and by this Link we are able to convert Photoshop Animation to Json lottie file first made an animation by Photoshop then export your Animation in Video format .mp4 and in the end use

Video to Lottie Json

to convert your Video to lottie file

This already exists altough its built in Python you could use some of your own skill to try and convert this into JSON I'll include a link here.