How can I add in Apache Feature Policy Header?

Those are web browser errors not Apache errors. So the browser just doesn't support turning on of off of those features. They are very new so support for this header is not great at the moment.

The Chrome features supported so far can be seen in the code and it can be seen that vibrate and usermedia are not yet supported by Chrome.

You also appear to have a few syntax errors, specifically:

usermedia '*'

Should not have quotes around the star (though this is difficult to tell since it is not yet supported and at least one Google document also states this incorrectly).

sync-xhr 'self'

URLs should be prefixed with the scheme (https://).

So, for now, you could change your header to this to avoid those errors, (though you might want to add vibrate and usermedia back in if they ever become supported later):

Header always set Feature-Policy "microphone 'none'; payment 'none'; sync-xhr 'self'"