How can I add a paragraph directly after Word table?

Had the same issue with a document that had a lot of tables immediately before the next heading. Adding text in-between became a headache. Wanted to avoid copying tables, because pasting them feels like gambling with formats and alignments.

Quickest hack I found was:

  1. Add a new last row (simple Enter at the end of the table)
  2. Add a column break before that new row (Ctrl+Shift+Enter at the beginning of the new last row you just created).
  3. Delete the new row, now isolated from the table

The column break will insert an empty paragraph between the main table and last row. Too bad there's not (IDK) a simple way to delete the isolated last row with a quick key combination.

One solution would be to select the table, Cut it, insert all or some of "New text line 1" (or a single Enter), then Paste it back in after "Text".

Here's a simple solution

  • Add a new row to the table
  • Select the row (by clicking on the left side of the page or drag through the whole row)
  • In Table Tools > Layout click on Convert To Text then OK

Now a normal paragraph will be inserted and the heading won't be affected. You can also choose "Paragraph marks" so that multiple lines of text is inserted

Convert Table To Text