Android - How can a complete web page be saved and viewed on an Android device?

In chrome for mobile, you can save the opened web page as a PDF. To do that, you have to install the Google Cloud Print application to do this.

Once you have installed it, first open a desired web page in the chrome.

My webpage opened in Chrome Mobile

Then click on the menu icon and select on Print option. There you can select the Save As PDF option.

Chrome Print Option

Select the location and click on the save button. This should save a PDF of the current web page which you can read by using any PDF viewer that came with your smart phone.

Save as PDF option

Hope this helps.

You can save as PDF on Firefox too. Just go to menu -> page -> Save as PDF

enter image description here enter image description here

Or maybe : Offline Browser - Google Play

Download the Web Pages for Offline Viewing

If you want to keep a web page for later on Android, you need Offline Browser. To use it, just open it up and tap the plus sign to add a new page to your library

How to Save Web Pages for Offline Access Later - Android