Heroku - No web process running

The question is a bit older, but anyway...

Before you can scale the dynos, you need to have a Procfile, where you define what should happen when the process is started. In your case the process should be called web. We'll come the the content of the file in a moment.

But first: To me it seems best to use gunicorn for running python apps on heroku, so first you should install gunicorn, run pip freeze > requirements.txt and push it to heroku (well, wait with that until you have the Procfile). For more see: python with gunicorn on heroku

The Procfile only needs one line web: gunicorn <filename>:<main method name>. In your case this would be (assuming your main method is called 'app') web: gunicorn bot:app.

Now push all that to heroku, then you can scale your dyno with the command you used heroku ps:scale web=1

I was having trouble getting my app to load, until I modified my Procfile

from saying

web: gunicorn app:app


web gunicorn app:app

Removing the : after web made it work for me.