Chemistry - Help me identify this glassware!

Solution 1:

#4 is a collection vessel of some sort.

The ground glass fitting would have connected to some other ground glass fitting. A set of the ears would be on the connecting piece of glassware also. Then springs would hold the two pieces together.

Solution 2:

#1 is copper pot to make steam

The steam would come out of the metal neck on the side.

Solution 3:

#8 is a poster from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan

MTU started as Michigan Mining School because of all of the underground copper mines in the area.

Got my slide rule from what was then the mining school and a "toot bag." (The only engineers the locals knew about were train engineers.) Used the slide rule from high school through college and a year of grad school. Then I broke down and bought a TI scientific calculator with 8 digits (!!) of precision.

Solution 4:

#5 is a reflux condenser.

The metal fittings would have hoses for water going in at top and out at the bottom. The top of the picture with the straight glass tube would fit into a rubber stopper which would go into neck of vessel which was holding the liquid to be boiled (the pot). So the condenser cools the vapor from the boiling liquid turning it back to liquid which drips back into the pot.

Solution 5:

#6 is a thistle tube.

The loop would be a seal.

Let's say you wanted a low pressure stream of hydrogen gas. You put thistle tub and and glass tube through a stopper. The stopper goes into a container with Zn metal. You pour HCl solution through the thistle tube and hydrogen gas comes out of the other glass tube through the stopper. A bit of the HCl solution would stay in the loop sealing off that exit so the gas wouldn't escape there.