Android - Google maps road names too small. Solutions?

Try going into Settings / My Device / Accessibility and turning on Magnification Gestures.

A triple tap on your scree will enlarge what is there including text and then another triple tap will take you back. While it is enlarged, you can scroll with one finger.

That's the best I've found so far.

You can't change the text size in Google Maps, because the whole map, including the labels, is retrieved from Google's servers as an image. (In fact, they're lots of small images called tiles. For this reason, using a different app that embeds Google Maps won't help at all: they're all just displaying the same tiles.

If you want a map that looks different, you'll need to use an OpenStreetMap-based app. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is like the Wikipedia of maps: it's a free, open map of the world maintained and updated by volunteers. Since the raw map data are available for anyone to use, there are some OSM apps that generate the map image on your device, instead of downloading tiles from a central server. Such apps have more options for customizing the map to suit your needs, so while I don't know off-hand of one with text size options, this starting point might help you to find one.

I also suffer from this problem hence the reason for trying to find a solution. I have just compared the results of Google maps with an app I downloaded a while ago and keep forgetting about. The result is not massively bigger road names / numbers but much easier to read. Bonus is that the maps are used offline, just need a gps signal to show directions instructions. Check out MAPS.ME I think it's really good and definitely reduces eye strain. Enjoy. Osarchos