Google Cloud Platform: WARNING: You do not appear to have access to project [project] or it does not exist

The solution to this issue might be to enable Cloud Resource Manager api in your Google Cloud Console. Go to<project-id> and click enable.

I believe this is an erroneous warning message. I see the same warning message on my service account despite the fact that the account has permissions on my GCP project and can successfully perform necessary actions.

You might be seeing this error due to an unrelated problem. In my case, I was trying to deploy to AppEngine from a continuous integration environment (Circle CI), but I hadn't enabled the App Engine Admin API. Once I enabled the API, I was able to deploy successfully.

I encountered this error when I started out with Google CLoud Platform.

The issue was that I configured/set a non-existing project (my-kube-project) as my default project using the command below:

gcloud config set project my-kube-project

Here's how I solved it:

I had to list my existing projects first:

gcloud projects list

And then I copied the ID of the project that I wanted, and rannthe command again this time:

gcloud config set project gold-magpie-258213

And it worked fine.

Note: You cannot change the ID of a project's ID or Number,you can only change the Name.

That's all.

I hope this helps