GitKraken won't let me open my Private Repository on GitLab

Download old version of app Official download URL for macOS. For Win you have link on Comments in this answer

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OMG! I found it. There is auto patcher who was build over yarn Work like a sharm


It take a decent time to install, so be patient.

I had the same problem, this what I found:

They say, and I quote -

This was a licensing change we made 3 months ago. When we made the change, we gave all existing users a 3 month free trial, which are all expiring this week. Sounds like yours is one of them

BTW worth noting that if you're a student, you can use GitKraken for free:

6.5.1 is the last version to support private repo. You can see the release details at this link OR

And you can also download it (Mac version) from Axosoft OR

I not sure how to turn off the automatic update function, so if you turn off GitKraken completely and reopen it, it will update to the latest version.



Block IP Address for updating

For MacOS

echo "" >> /private/etc/hosts

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  1. Windows 10 – “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts”
  2. Linux – “/etc/hosts”
  3. Mac OS X – “/private/etc/hosts”