Gitkraken stuck at opening repo

I just had a similar (maybe the same) problem with GitKraken V2.7.0 x64 on Windows. GitKraken crashed and tried to open the repo after that. This never finished. I assume this is caused by visual studio which was open at the time and VS and GitKraken are not exactly friends. I killed GitKraken, closed VS. After that, when opening the repo in GitKraken, it said something like "there is no repo, do you want to initialize it?". This also failed. Not sure what the root cause for the problem is.

The solution however was to checkout another branch from the CLI. After that GitKraken magically worked again. Maybe this helps someone.

Close gitkraken and go to your home directory. Delete the hidden folder ".gitkraken". The folder ".gitkraken" will be created automatically upon restart. This solution works for me.

For mac and linux users: rm -r ~/.gitkraken