Git clone a branch, not master

I think you are looking for the --branch option to git clone, which allows you to specify which branch is initially checked out in the cloned repository.

git clone --branch mybranch $URL/foo

is roughly equivalent to

git clone $URL/foo
cd foo
git checkout mybranch
cd ..

You can use below solution:-

Step1: Clone the repo by using below command following by credentials.

git clone <Repository URL>

Step 2: checkout the branch and pull the latest code from there.

git checkout -b <your origin branch>

Step 3: pull the latest code

git pull origin <your origin branch name where latest code is available>

if you use git you can do that easily with git clone -b <name_of_branch> <URL_Repository>, if you want to pull do git pull origin <name_of_branch> <URL_Repository> .