Git cherry pick equivalent in Perforce?

Yes, it is possible. However, for some reason the official perforce instructions have been moved or removed. Could it be that there are other better alternatives. I dont know. It was now many years since I last used P4 so this is not based on personal experience, rather the suggestion below is what the offical perforce answer forum suggested once upon a time

echo Change A > foo
p4 add foo
p4 submit -d "Add foo" foo

p4 integ foo bar
p4 submit -d "Branch foo" bar

p4 edit foo
echo Change B >> foo
p4 submit -d "Update foo" foo

p4 edit foo
echo Change C >> foo
p4 submit -d "Update foo again" foo

p4 integ foo#3,#3 bar
p4 resolve -o

The link below is kept if someone wants to try and find the original page using or similar service.

Official Perforce cherry picking instructions.