Git Bash (mintty) is extremely slow on Windows 10 OS

I had the same problem once and what I found is that the issue for me was with __git_ps1, basically a variable that includes status informationlike branch name, detached head state, in the git dir, in a bare repo, in the middle of cherry picking or rebasing or merging.

In order to speed up your git bash, go to $GitHome\etc\profile and comment out the if-then where __git_ps1 is added to PS1.

Anyway the information that you are commenting out are quite useful, expecially if you are at the beginning with GIT. Here is a faster version, found on the internet and used by me quite succesfully on my system:

fast_git_ps1 ()                                                                              
    printf -- "$(git branch 2>/dev/null | grep -e '\* ' | sed 's/^..\(.*\)/ {\1} /')"    

\033[32m\]\[email protected]\h \[\033[33m\w$(fast_git_ps1)\033[0m\]                                         
$ '     

I recently ran into the exact same issue. After trying all the advice from this thread and a lot of other threads, I finally found a solution here, respectively in the linked issue here.

Disabling AMD Radeon graphics driver in the Windows device manager and switching to integrated Intel HD graphics worked for me - for whatever reason.

Hope that helps!

In my case, I found sh.exe shell to be significantly faster than bash.exe. You can find sh.exe in git_install_dir/bin.

Hope this helps people having this issue while only having integrated Intel HD graphics!

For me, the solution was to set the HOME variable to my user directory (per this answer). To do this (at least on Windows 7):

  1. Right-click on "Computer" in file explorer.
  2. Open Advanced System Settings.
  3. Open Environment Variables
  4. Under System Variables, click "New..."
  5. Enter "HOME" for the variable name and the path to your user directory for the value (for example "C:\Users\jdoe").

See also the answers to this related question.