Getting all GitHub users through github-api

Please use since parameter in your GET request.

Probably it's done this way to limit the resources needed to handle such request. Without such limit it's just asking for DoS attack.

If you check the response headers for that request Github provides pagination links under the header Links

Link: <>; rel="next", <{?since}>; rel="first"

I believe since their api v3 Github has been moving towards a hypermedia api.

Github Hypermedia API


This is beyond the scope of this question but its related. To learn more about hypermedia API and REST. Take a look at these slides by Steve Klabnik

Both of the existing answers are 100% correct, but I would advise you to use a wrapper for whatever language you happen to be doing this in. There are plenty of them and there is an official one for ruby (Octokit). Here is a list of all of them.


Github Api