Get Webpack not to bundle files

Change the output setting to be name driven e.g.

    entry: {
        dash: 'app/dash.ts',
        home: 'app/home.ts',
    output: {
        path: './public',
        filename: 'build/[name].js',
        sourceMapFilename: 'build/[name]'

To expand upon @basarat's answer, you can use the glob package from node's standard library to build the "entry" config:

const glob = require("glob");

module.exports = [
    target: "node",
    entry: glob.sync("./src/**/*.test.{ts,tsx}").reduce((acc, file) => {
      acc[file.replace(/^\.\/src\//, "")] = file;
      return acc;
    }, {}),
    output: {
      filename: "[name].js",
      chunkFilename: "[name]-[id].js",
      path: __dirname + "/dist"

This builds files with the same name as their source, replacing .ts and .tsx with .js.