Get "supportLibVersion" , "playServicesVersion" and "androidMapsUtilsVersion" Value in configuration react-native-maps

In general, all libaries can be found in the maven repository. For some you have to see a concrete library to get the version number (this number is the number you put in the build.grade file). Usually, all libraries that are part of a group, should support the same version numbers (otherwise you get a compile error and you need to check the concrete version and make sure that it exists for the libraries that you need).



See within a library. e.g.

try this:

ext {
    compileSdkVersion           = 28
    targetSdkVersion            = 28
    buildToolsVersion           = "28.0.3"
    googlePlayServicesVersion   = "17.0.0"
    supportLibVersion           = "27.1.0"
    androidMapsUtilsVersion     = "0.5+"
    minSdkVersion               = 16