Get rid of "Remote debugger is in a background tab" warning in React Native

If you have the Maintain Priority checkbox in the debugger window, try enabling it before you jump to any of the solutions below.

To get rid of the warning in your whole project add the following to your outermost Javascript file (most of the time that's index.js for React Native)

for react-native v0.63+:

Use LogBox:

LogBox.ignoreLogs(['Remote debugger']);

for react-native v0.57 - v0.62:

import { YellowBox } from 'react-native';
YellowBox.ignoreWarnings(['Remote debugger']);

Reference this from the official React Native docs:

react-native v0.56 or below:

Add the following early on in your code:

console.ignoredYellowBox = ['Remote debugger'];

Easy, simple and specific to that error. Works for me. Can substitute for any text you want.

this solution is work for me

open/move http://localhost:8081/debugger-ui (default path for remote debugging) on the separate window

maybe that could help :)

You can use React Native Debugger available at It is a standalone app for debugging React Native apps during development.


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