Get error code from within a batch file

Sounds like you'll want the "If Errorlevel" command. Assuming your executable returns a non-0 exit code on failure, you do something like:

if errorlevel 1 goto somethingbad
echo Success!
echo Something Bad Happened.

Errorlevel checking is done as a greater-or-equal check, so any non-0 exit value will trigger the jump. Therefore, if you need to check for more than one specific exit value, you should check for the highest one first.

You can also use conditional processing symbols to do a simple success/failure check. For example:

myProgram.exe && echo Done!

would print Done! only if myProgram.exe returned with error level 0.

myProgram.exe || PAUSE

would cause the batch file to pause if myProgram.exe returns a non-zero error level.

A solution better than Hellion's answer is checking the %ERRORLEVEL% environment variable:

  REM do something here to address the error

It executes the IF body, if the return code is anything other than zero, not just values greater than zero.

The command IF ERRORLEVEL 1 ... misses the negative return values. Some progrmas may also use negative values to indicate error.

BTW, I love Cheran's answer (using && and || operators), and recommend that to all.

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