Gensim Word2Vec select minor set of word vectors from pretrained model

Thanks to this answer (I've changed the code a little bit to make it better). you can use this code for solving your problem.

we have all our minor set of words in restricted_word_set(it can be either list or set) and w2v is our model, so here is the function:

import numpy as np

def restrict_w2v(w2v, restricted_word_set):
    new_vectors = []
    new_vocab = {}
    new_index2entity = []
    new_vectors_norm = []

    for i in range(len(w2v.vocab)):
        word = w2v.index2entity[i]
        vec = w2v.vectors[i]
        vocab = w2v.vocab[word]
        vec_norm = w2v.vectors_norm[i]
        if word in restricted_word_set:
            vocab.index = len(new_index2entity)
            new_vocab[word] = vocab

    w2v.vocab = new_vocab
    w2v.vectors = np.array(new_vectors)
    w2v.index2entity = np.array(new_index2entity)
    w2v.index2word = np.array(new_index2entity)
    w2v.vectors_norm = np.array(new_vectors_norm)

WARNING: when you first create the model the vectors_norm == None so you will get an error if you use this function there. vectors_norm will get a value of the type numpy.ndarray after the first use. so before using the function try something like most_similar("cat") so that vectors_norm not be equal to None.

It rewrites all of the variables which are related to the words based on the Word2VecKeyedVectors.


w2v = KeyedVectors.load_word2vec_format("GoogleNews-vectors-negative300.bin.gz", binary=True)

[('beers', 0.8409687876701355),
('lager', 0.7733745574951172),
('Beer', 0.71753990650177),
('drinks', 0.668931245803833),
('lagers', 0.6570086479187012),
('Yuengling_Lager', 0.655455470085144),
('microbrew', 0.6534324884414673),
('Brooklyn_Lager', 0.6501551866531372),
('suds', 0.6497018337249756),
('brewed_beer', 0.6490240097045898)]

restricted_word_set = {"beer", "wine", "computer", "python", "bash", "lagers"}
restrict_w2v(w2v, restricted_word_set)

[('lagers', 0.6570085287094116),
('wine', 0.6217695474624634),
('bash', 0.20583480596542358),
('computer', 0.06677375733852386),
('python', 0.005948573350906372)]

it can be used for removing some words either.