Generating binary sequences without repetition

Generate batch number of int in range(0, 2**dim + 1) Convert these numbers to binary, then convert to sequence of 0a and 1s.

from random import sample

def generate(batch, dim):
    my_sample = [f'{n:0>32b}' for n in sample(range(2**dim+1), batch)]
    return [[int(n) for n in item] for item in my_sample]

def generate2(batch, dim):
    return [list(map(int, f'{n:0>32b}')) for n in sample(range(2**dim+1), batch)]

the second one is bit faster

from timeit import timeit
print(timeit("generate(1000, 32)", setup="from __main__ import generate", number=100))
print(timeit("generate2(1000, 32)", setup="from __main__ import generate2", number=100))