@Generated annotation using gradlew + dagger

if you have :

javax annotation does not exist

I have this issue on my macOS this error occures because your jdk is above of 1.8

just add below code on build.gradle of your apps .

//Resolve jdk8+ Generation Annotations - javax annotation does not exist
compileOnly 'com.github.pengrad:jdk9-deps:1.0'

I had this problem when I updated my Android Studio to 4.2

The problem was solved when I upgrade the Kotlin version from 1.3.51 to 1.4.31

It seems the problem is reported and solved in this issue:

  • https://github.com/google/dagger/issues/1449
  • https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/KT-32804

Dagger uses auto-common's GeneratedAnnotations to figure out which @Generated annotation to use. It does this based on the classpath.

What this means is that while the annotation processor is running, javax.annotation.processing.Generated is available and used in the generator, but when the resulting file is compile in another task, it is no longer on the classpath.

Potential causes could be that code was generated using a newer version of the JDK and the incremental build is invalid, requiring a full "clean & rebuild" or there is a problem with java language levels where the annotation processor runs on Java 9+, but android is compiled as Java 8 or lower.

Using ./gradlew compileDebugAndroidTestKotlin -Dorg.gradle.java.home=<Android studio jre path> solved the problem.