From Excel to list of tuples

import pandas as pd    
file_path = r'filepath.xlsx'
xlsx = pd.read_excel(file_path)
names = xlsx.names    
scores = xlsx.scores    
my_list = [(name, score) for name in names for score in scores]   

You need to modify file_path, name and score. In addition, if you have not imported pandas before, then you need to execute pip install pandas in the terminal first

So, you can use the pandas data frames to read and work with excel files very easily. The below solution will actually result in a list of lists. I hope it helps anyway. First response on StackOverflow and also I am not the most experienced programmer. ^^

df = pd.read_excel (r'PathOfExcelFile.xlsx')
print (df)
mylist = [df.columns.values.tolist()] + df.values.tolist()
print (mylist)

You can read the excel file using pd.read_excel. You need to care about the header is there are some or not.

As you said, it returns a dataframe. In my case, I have the following.

df = pd.read_excel("data.xlsx")
#         name         message
# 0       John    I have a dog
# 1       Mike    I need a cat
# 2       Nick  I go to school

Then, it's possible to have the values of the dataframe using to_numpy. It return a numpy array.

If you want a list, we use the numpy method tolist to convert it as list:

out = df.to_numpy().tolist()
# [['John', 'I have a dog'],
#  ['Mike', 'I need a cat'],
#  ['Nick', 'I go to school']]

As you can see, the output is a list of list. If you want a list of tuples, just cast them:

# for getting list of tuples
out = [tuple(elt) for elt in out]
# [('John', 'I have a dog'), 
#  ('Mike', 'I need a cat'), 
#  ('Nick', 'I go to school')]

Note: An older solution was to call values instead of to_numpy(). However, the documentation clearly recommends using to_numpy and forgive values.

Hope that helps !

You can use openpyxl:

import openpyxl

wb = openpyxl.load_workbook('test.xlsx')

ws =
cells = ws['A1:B3']

l = []
for c1, c2 in cells:
    l.append((c1.value, c2.value))