Forward a meeting request as a plain email message in Outlook 2010

This was bugging me too and I didnt want to set the contact properties. So I dug some more and found an even easier method (its still not as easy as it should be).

  1. Start a new e-mail message
  2. Select Insert -> Outlook item
  3. Select "Insert as text" over on the right-hand side of the window
  4. Select either the Inbox calender invite or select calender and then the item itself.


I do this in Outlook 2007, I would imagine its the same in 2010.

  1. Select the meeting invite
  2. Click "Reply" or hit CTRL+R
  3. Change the recipient to whoever you like and send.

Right-mouse click on the calendar item in the calendar view and choose "Reply" from the context menu.