Force PowerPoint to paste in place like every other graphics editor in the world?

If you only need one copy, you can Copy the object with Ctrl + C, hit an arrow key once then paste with Ctrl + V.

Now it is offset by just 1 arrow hit, not 22.

If you want more than one, hit the arrow key each time after pasting.

I still haven't find a real solution to this annoying "feature". The best workaround I've found is:

  • Duplicate the object pressing Ctrl+Shift and move it a little bit to duplicate, then re-align it on top of the previous object.

Here is the way I use :

  1. ctrl+x to cut the object
  2. ctrl+v to paste the object (it will be at the same place)
  3. move the pasted object where you want.
  4. ctrl+v to put back the original (it will be also at the same place).