Flutter-How to change the Statusbar text color in Dark Mode?

I found my question just the same as the flutter Issue#41067 ---"Flutter not automatically changing the status bar icons to black on devices running iOS 13.0 in Dark Mode it only does so when Dark Mode on iOS 13 is turned off #41067"

And the Issue state is Opening, so just hope it will be resolved as soon as possible. The issue link just below: flutter issue#41067

At first go to ios/Runner folder. Next open info.plist and add the following lines into the Dict section.


Next. Make sure you have these lines in Theme settings of your MaterialApp:

    themeMode: ThemeMode.light, // Change it as you want
    theme: ThemeData(
        primaryColor: Colors.white,
        primaryColorBrightness: Brightness.light,
        brightness: Brightness.light,
        primaryColorDark: Colors.black,
        canvasColor: Colors.white,
        // next line is important!
        appBarTheme: AppBarTheme(brightness: Brightness.light)),
    darkTheme: ThemeData(
        primaryColor: Colors.black,
        primaryColorBrightness: Brightness.dark,
        primaryColorLight: Colors.black,
        brightness: Brightness.dark,
        primaryColorDark: Colors.black,      
        indicatorColor: Colors.white,
        canvasColor: Colors.black,
        // next line is important!
        appBarTheme: AppBarTheme(brightness: Brightness.dark)),

Good luck!

P.S. You don't have to set brightness Here!! anymore :)

    appBar: AppBar(
    brightness: Brightness.light,  //<--Here!!!
    title: Text(widget.title),