flutter create project with package name code example

Example 1: flutter create org name

flutter create --org com.yourdomain appname

Example 2: create flutter app with package name

flutter create --org com.my_cool_org project_name

Example 3: flutter change package name

Go to build.gradle in app module and rename applicationId "com.company.name"

Go to Manifest.xml in app/src/main and rename package="com.company.name" and android:label="App Name"

Go to Manifest.xml in app/src/debug and rename package="com.company.name"

Go to Manifest.xml in app/src/profile and rename package="com.company.name"

Go to app/src/main/kotlin/com/something/something/MainActivity.kt and rename package="com.company.name"

Go to app/src/main/kotlin/ and rename each directory so that the structure looks like app/src/main/kotlin/com/company/name/

Go to pubspec.yaml in your project and change name: something to name: name, example :- if package name is com.abc.xyz the name: xyz

Go to each dart file in lib folder and rename the imports to the modified name.

Open XCode and open the runner file and click on Runner in project explorer.

Go to General -> double click on Bundle Identifier -> rename it to com.company.name

Go to Info.plist click on Bundle name -> rename it to your App Name.

close everything -> go to your flutter project and run this command in terminal flutter clean


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