Finding $RECYCLE.BIN folders on network shares

Thanks all for your answers. I found a shorter and in my opinion a more elegant way to to find "$RECYCLE.BIN" recursively on a network share or local directory using Windows PowerShell:

Get-ChildItem \\server\share -Directory -Hidden -Filter '$REC*' -Recurse | ft Name,FullName

or you simply cd into the root directory where you want to start your search:

cd C:\Directory
Get-ChildItem -Directory -Hidden -Filter '$REC*' -Recurse | ft Name,FullName

If you additionally want to display the size of the $RECYCLE.BIN folder you can use this, a bit more complicated, command:

Get-ChildItem \\server\share\some\path -Directory -Hidden -Filter '$REC*' -Recurse | Select-Object Name,FullName,@{l="Size in MB";e={"{0:N2}" -f ((Get-ChildItem $_.FullName -Force | Measure-Object -Property length -sum).sum / 1MB)}} 

or shorter:

gci \\server\share\some\path -Directory -Hidden -Filter '$REC*' -Recurse | select Name,FullName,@{l="Size in MB";e={"{0:N2}" -f ((gci $_.FullName -Force | measure -Property length -sum).sum / 1MB)}} 

(Keep in mind that if use use "Select-Object" you truncate the original return object only the specified members.)