findFragmentById return null

just found out my mistake.

In my i was importing; and in my i was importing;. I changed it to the same thing and fm.findFragmentById( now return the right fragment.


I also had problem because I was in a child fragment. I could use:

    supportFragmentManager.fragments.forEach {
        it.childFragmentManager.fragments.forEach { fragment ->
            if (fragment is HomeFragment) {
                //do something

but one coworker optimized it with :

     if( findNavController( == {
       // do something

Not really related to the specific question but related to receiving null on findFragmentById, if you call findFragmentById immediately after commit it will return null or the last fragment(before commit), the reason because commit do async request.

From docs:

Schedules a commit of this transaction. The commit does not happen immediately; it will be scheduled as work on the main thread to be done the next time that thread is ready.

If you need to findFragmentById immediately, for example change status bar text color after adding fragment, call executePendingTransactions() after commit()

//call findFragmentById 

The answer Kar0t is perfectly fine but this may help somebody. On my case I had a fragment inside of a fragment and I was getting the wrong FragmentManager. I just had to call:


and then just find the Fragment as usual: