Find unique number of days

with cte as 
(Select id, start_day as day
   group by id, start_day
 Select id, end_day as day
   group by id, end_day

select id, count(day)
from cte
group by id

One possible approach to simplify the statement in the question(fiddle), is to use VALUES table value constructor and appropriate joins:

      WHEN d1.day_no = d2.day_no THEN 1
      ELSE d2.day_no - d1.day_no
   END) AS no_of_days
FROM times t
JOIN (VALUES ('monday', 1), ('tuesday', 2), ('wednesday', 3), ('thursday', 4), ('friday', 5)) d1 (day, day_no) 
   ON t.start_day =
JOIN (VALUES ('monday', 1), ('tuesday', 2), ('wednesday', 3), ('thursday', 4), ('friday', 5)) d2 (day, day_no) 
   ON t.end_day =
GROUP BY t.emp_id

But if you want to count the distinct days, the statement is different. You need to find all days between the start_day and end_day range and count the distinct days:

;WITH daysCTE (day, day_no) AS (
   SELECT 'monday', 1 UNION ALL
   SELECT 'tuesday', 2 UNION ALL
   SELECT 'wednesday', 3 UNION ALL
   SELECT 'thursday', 4 UNION ALL
   SELECT 'friday', 5 
SELECT t.emp_id, COUNT(DISTINCT d3.day_no)
FROM times t
JOIN daysCTE d1 ON t.start_day =
JOIN daysCTE d2 ON t.end_day =
JOIN daysCTE d3 ON d3.day_no BETWEEN d1.day_no AND d2.day_no
GROUP BY t.emp_id

You need to basically find the intersection of the days worked by each emp_id on each task with all the days of the week, and then count the distinct days:

with days_num as (
  FROM (
    VALUES ('monday', 1), ('tuesday', 2), ('wednesday', 3), ('thursday', 4), ('friday', 5)
  ) AS d (day, day_no)
emp_day_nums as (
  select emp_id, d1.day_no AS start_day_no, d2.day_no AS end_day_no
  from times t
  join days_num d1 on = t.start_day
  join days_num d2 on = t.end_day
select emp_id, count(distinct d.day_no) AS distinct_days
from emp_day_nums e
join days_num d on d.day_no between e.start_day_no and e.end_day_no
group by emp_id


emp_id  distinct_days
1       4
2       5

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