Find the maximum of 3 numbers without branching


6 tokens

function maxOf3(a, b, c) {
    (b>a) && (a=b);
    (c>a) && (a=c);
    return a;

Javascript 10 tokens

Edit Using < and * instead of bit fiddling - as pointed out in comments, bits operations may fail for input near the range limit (over 30 bits)

function Max(x,y,z)
  var d=y-x;
  return x-d*(d<0);

C 8 tokens

Language agnostic in fact, any C like language will do. To be picky, in standard C it's not portable because right shift may not extend the sign (but in common implementations it does).

In C (and C++, C#, and Java I think) we can easily handle overflow problems using bigger temporary values:

int Max(int x, int y, int z)
    long long X = x;
    long long Y = y;
    long long Z = z;
    long long D = Y-X;
    return (int) (X-((D>>63)&D));

C: 10 tokens

int max(int a, int b, int c)
    a += (b > a) * (b - a);
    a += (c > a) * (c - a);
    return a;

Inspired by @openorclose's answer, but converted to C and made branchless using multiplication rather than short circuit boolean operators.