Find name of Active Directory domain controller

Solution 1:

On any computer, that has DNS configured to use AD's DNS server do:

  • Start -> Run -> nslookup

    set type=all

Replace DOMAIN_NAME with the actual domain name e.g. Read more here.

Solution 2:

For a computer that is a member of a domain the Environment Variable LOGONSERVER contains the name of the DC that authenticated the current user. This is obviously not going to be all DC's in a multi-DC environment but if all you want is a quick way to find the name of a Domain Controller then from a command shell:

set l <enter>

Will return all Environment variables that start with "L" including the name of a DC.

Solution 3:

An unmentioned, super easy, and quick option is to run this from a command prompt:

nltest /dclist:domainname

Just replace 'domainname' with your domain

You can also run some other options to find out more:

/dcname:domainname gets the PDC name for the domain /dsgetdc:domainname has flags for other information

Try nltest /? in your prompt to get more options! :)

Solution 4:

This will return your closest Domain Controller in Powershell:

Import-Module ActiveDirectory
(Get-ADDomainController -DomainName <Domain FQDN> -Discover -NextClosestSite).HostName

Solution 5:

From a command prompt, run gpresult. You will get:

  • General workstation and domain information
  • For both the computer and the user:
    • Distinguished name in AD and which DC the policy was applied from
    • Applied Group Policy objects
    • List of security groups a member of

Here is example output of running gpresult. You can also specify gpresult /z to get more detailed information.