Facebook login message: "URL Blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app’s Client OAuth Settings."

As the questioner writes

In the advanced tab, Valid OAuth redirect URIs is set to: ...

and I had the same problem (writing the redirect url into the wrong input field) I would like to highlight that

It's NOT

Settings -> Advanced -> Share Redirect Whitelist


Facebook Login -> Settings -> Valid OAuth redirect URIs

It would have saved me 2 hours of trial and error.

You should also have it in mind that www.example.com is not the same as example.com. Add both formats to the redirect URL.

The login with Facebook button on your site is linking to:


Notice: redirect_uri=http://openstrategynetwork.com/_oauth/facebook

If you instead change the link to:


It should work. Or, you can change the Facebook link to http://openstrategynetwork.com/_oauth/facebook

You can also add http://localhost/_oauth/facebook to the valid redirect URIs.

Facebook requires that you whitelist redirect URIs, since otherwise people could login with Facebook for your service, and then send their access token to an attacker's server! And you don't want that to happen ;]

This worked for me.

redierct_url =

I got that from my browser after clicking the Facebook button you browser will be redirected to a link for integrating with Facebook API, so where you will get that redirect. For my case the link was this from where I got the redirect_url.


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