Facebook API page feed didn't send information to my webhook?

It is not possible to run this service without an app review, since it is not possible to add the 'mange_pages' permission to a (test-)user within a development app. At the same time it is not possible to turn a testapp into live-mode. As the same is true vice versa the only solution is the app review to get information from a specific (test-)page.

  • For live testing i suggest to create a testuser and subscribe for information about the "user" to test your webhook.

  • You can check with GET graph.facebook.com/app-id/subscriptions, if your app is successfully subscribed to "page information". Graph API Documentation

  • As you already mentioned you can also send "page information" test calls to your endpoint.

UPDATE 18th Nov 2018

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If you go to Webhook -> pages in your App Dashboard on https://developers.facebook.com you are able to notice, that Webhooks in dev mode do not work.

I've submitted a Bug report to Facebook for this issue, as there is no proper solution. You can check it at : https://developers.facebook.com/support/bugs/1570460936387604/

I also don't get the fact that you can't test webhooks in dev mode, and you can't do the app review because you can't develop your app and show them for review. Just a chicken and egg issue.