Extending Python's os.walk function on FTP server

All you need is utilizing the python's ftplib module. Since os.walk() is based on a Breadth-first search algorithm you need to find the directories and file names at each iteration, then continue the traversing recursively from the first directory. I implemented this algorithm about 2 years ago for using as the heart of FTPwalker, which is an optimum package for traversing extremely large directory trees Through FTP.

from os import path as ospath

class FTPWalk:
    This class is contain corresponding functions for traversing the FTP
    servers using BFS algorithm.
    def __init__(self, connection):
        self.connection = connection

    def listdir(self, _path):
        return files and directory names within a path (directory)

        file_list, dirs, nondirs = [], [], []
        except Exception as exp:
            print ("the current path is : ", self.connection.pwd(), exp.__str__(),_path)
            return [], []
            self.connection.retrlines('LIST', lambda x: file_list.append(x.split()))
            for info in file_list:
                ls_type, name = info[0], info[-1]
                if ls_type.startswith('d'):
            return dirs, nondirs

    def walk(self, path='/'):
        Walk through FTP server's directory tree, based on a BFS algorithm.
        dirs, nondirs = self.listdir(path)
        yield path, dirs, nondirs
        for name in dirs:
            path = ospath.join(path, name)
            yield from self.walk(path)
            # In python2 use:
            # for path, dirs, nondirs in self.walk(path):
            #     yield path, dirs, nondirs
            path = ospath.dirname(path)

Now for using this class, you can simply create a connection object using ftplib module and pass the the object to FTPWalk object and just loop over the walk() function:

In [2]: from test import FTPWalk

In [3]: import ftplib

In [4]: connection = ftplib.FTP("ftp.uniprot.org")

In [5]: connection.login()
Out[5]: '230 Login successful.'

In [6]: ftpwalk = FTPWalk(connection)

In [7]: for i in ftpwalk.walk():
('/', ['pub'], [])
('/pub', ['databases'], ['robots.txt'])
('/pub/databases', ['uniprot'], [])
('/pub/databases/uniprot', ['current_release', 'previous_releases'], ['LICENSE', 'current_release/README', 'current_release/knowledgebase/complete', 'previous_releases/', 'current_release/relnotes.txt', 'current_release/uniref'])
('/pub/databases/uniprot/current_release', ['decoy', 'knowledgebase', 'rdf', 'uniparc', 'uniref'], ['README', 'RELEASE.metalink', 'changes.html', 'news.html', 'relnotes.txt'])