Expo LAN configuration doesn't work for New ReactNative Project

I am not sure this helps you or not but in my case, this helps me so you can also try this:

1: First of all you have to increase the WiFi Adapter priority( Interface Metric)

Goto Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections

step 1) Right-click on the wi-fi as shown in the above image and right-click > Click Properties

steps 1 screenshot

step 2) select Internet Protocol Version 4 and > Click Properties

steps 2 screenshot

step 3) click on > Advanced

steps 3 screenshot

step 4)

  1. Uncheck 'Automatic Metric'
  2. Enter 5 in 'Interface Metric'
  3. click ok

steps 4 screenshot

2: You have to change your wifi network profile from Public to private

step 1) selecting your network from available WiFi network and click Properties

steps 2 screenshot

step 2) change your network profile from Public to Private

steps 2 screenshot

That's it now run your expo project on LAN it will work 100%

Your Android phone is unable to reach the server as the virtual adapter network is being used as the preferred subnet.

Increase the WiFi adapter priority and it should run fine. (Uncheck Automatic metric in Advanced Adapter settings and assign a lower number for interface metric).

See this link: Adapter priority setting unavailable in Windows 10

After struggling through the XDE Desktop app but no success. Finally decided to try the Expo CLI tool as mentioned here: https://expo.io/learn With few simple steps, it created 1st demo project for me.

And by following CLI command here: https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/exp-cli.html I am now able to run my first demo app with simple command e.g. exp start --dev --lan, which does the same job that XDE (Expo Desktop) app does of configuring settings to LAN and in Developer Mode.

I had gone through every possible solution but non worked for me to setup LAN connectivity, except the Expo CLI tool. Any one facing similar problems? Please go and give CLI a try. But make sure you check your Network Adapter priority settings (as VMWare/VBox network adapter's priority does create problem). As proposed by @mano.