Explorer does not auto-refresh

Here is an incredibly simple solution that worked for me. It may work for you as well:

  • In Windows Explorer: choose Tools, Folder Options > Click the Search tab > Check or uncheck ANY option
  • Apply.
  • If this solves your problem, you can revert to your original setting and the problem will remain solved.

For Windows 10, the folder option is updated to View -> Option in Windows Explorer

Refer to Windows 7 does not refresh folder views on Microsoft Answers and Windows Explorer doesn't refresh when moving/deleting. Several posters stated that the issue pertains to the Windows UI Shell and several solutions exist:

  • Remove a "Network Connection" that points to a server that is not currently available.
  • Disable the Client for Microsoft Networks in properties of Local Area Connection.
  • Or simply going through Control Panel -> Folder Options -> View, then click 'Reset Folders'.

Let me know if these links help you out!

A solution that worked for me: I found that none of the steps advised above (or on other sites) was working. However, the folder I was working in was part of a "Library." I found that if I switch to working in the original file location, I no longer have the problem. It seems that there's a bug with Windows updating views within libraries.

More details: I was trying to work in Libraries\Dissertation Research, which includes several folders located on various drives. I switched to working in D:\Dropbox\Academia\Dissertation. Problem solved.

Hope this helps someone else.