EXCEPTION: Root segment cannot have matrix parameters

The root segment cannot have matrix params. There are two reasons for this:

  • There is no place in the URL to put them.
  • Currently we reuse components when their parameters change, but in the future we will provide a way to customize the reuse behavior. So the developer will be able to get a new copy of a component any time its args change. Since the root component is created statically, we cannot implement it for the root component.

The accepted answer is wrong, it sets query params (e.g ?myparam=true). To set matrix parameters (e.g ;myparam=15;foo=foo) the syntax is:

[routerLink]="['.', {'scrollTo': '#contact'}]"

Notice the period in the route. As is explained here:


That's how to set matrix parameters, and it fails with "''" because that's for the root route, which apparently won't allow matrix parameters-

Recently, it is done this way in Angular 5+:

<a [routerLink]="['/']" [queryParams]="{ 'tour': true }"> text </a>

Doing [routerLink]="['/', { 'tour': true' }]"> text </a> would throw the error