ERROR ITMS-90512: Invalid sdk value... 8.2 is higher than maximum allowed value of 10.3?

Update: it's fixed!

I have submitted a bug to Apple. They have replied that they are aware of the problem and have people looking into it. They will contact me when they have resolved the issue. I'll post an update here when they do.

This is not related to Xcode 8.3, the error is in the Apple validation process. I had an app in review (no problems in uploading it) that got rejected because the user provided for login had expired. I made no changes to the app, just activated the user and submitted. I have the error now.

Edit: I can also confirm that if Watch support is removed everything goes well.

EDIT: This is problem on Apple side and nothing to do with Xcode. This is only effecting apps with WatchKit.

I just uploaded one my apps today that has a watchkit extension. Try this, it may or may not help.

  • Xcode -> Product Clean

  • Xcode -> Quit

  • In a console terminal do > rm -rf /Users/your_mac_user/library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData/*

  • Relaunch Xcode and project

  • Go to your Xcode -> Build Settings for your iPhone app and make sure its set to 8.0 for debug and release

enter image description here

  • Now go to both your watch and watch extensions and make sure the Build setting is set to 8.2

  • Archive and upload again.

enter image description here