Error creating GCE load balancer: requested address ip is neither static nor assigned to LB

Solution 1:

I had a similar problem. It turns out that if the IP address is reserved as global then it won't work. I deleted my reservation and changed it to the same region as my kubernetes cluster. --global I had to use --region europe-west2 - the same region as my k8s cluster.

before: fail gcloud compute addresses create my-secure-sftp --global

after: success gcloud compute addresses create my-secure-sftp --region europe-west2

@see for more details

Solution 2:

The problem was in Deployment.yaml where I was referring to the address under loadBalancerIp by its symbolic name rather than the numeric IP address (NAME and ADDRESS as revealed by gcloud compute addresses list respectively). If I use the numeric IP address instead, the load balancer comes up my service can be accessed externally at this address (via the load balancer). (This previous answer brought me on the right track. I was under the perhaps wrong impression that using the symbolic name had previously worked.)

Background Since I was switching to an own VM instance (instead of Google Cloud shell) for developing container images, I am receiving "Insufficient Permission" errors from gcloud compute addressess list on that VM instance. I understand that I could improve this by recreating the VM instance with scope In any case, this restriction apparently had nothing to do with the problem at hand.

Solution 3:

You should create regional address:

gcloud compute addresses create my-secure-sftp --region europe-west2

It allocates Global IP for ingress controller (status IN_USE), this is exactly what you need.

Global static and Internal static will not work in your case.