Encode String to UTF-8 in Kotlin

Kotlin has an overload of ByteArray.toString accepting a Charset. All you need to do is use it: array.toString(charset).

I cannot find a section in the documentation specifying that ByteArray.toString() does the right thing, as it doesn't in Java and that behavior probably is preserved in Kotlin. I would guess it does the wrong thing. I recommend using toString(charset) explicitly.

using kotlin function as


using from your data

 String(response.data, charset("UTF-8"))

Kotlin 1.4 provides a common ByteArray.decodeToString function.

It takes a ByteArray containing bytes of string encoded with utf8 encoding and decodes it to kotlin String. So you can use it like:

val response: String = response.data.decodeToString()

You can try this String(data, Charsets.UTF_8)

Reference : https://kotlinlang.org/api/latest/jvm/stdlib/kotlin.collections/to-string.html