Emulator: Unexpected feature list: MultiDisplay VulkanNullOptionalStrings YUV420888toNV21 YUVCache

I had the same problem, you have to update your emulator in sdk manager:

1.launch sdk manager

2.settings->appearance and behavior->system settings->android sdk

3.SDK Tools

  1. Update Android Emulator

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I have Dell G5 5587 with Win10 and I have exactly same issue from yesterday morning. After some updates to Android studio emulator stop working and crash on start up. I was trying to install Android.Q (API 29) x86 and x86_64 versions everything without any success. I try to change GPU to auto, software, hardware, change amount of RAM and all with the same crash result.

Unfortunatelly I can't say what to do to resolve the issue but i try to install new Virtual Device with Android Pie (API 28) with default settings and it's working so at least I can continue with my work till issue is resolved.

Based on the error message I think it's connect somehow to graphic card itself (I have Nvidia Geforce MAXQ 1060) or graphic drivers (notice that nvidia control center icon suddenly disapper from startup icons).

29 is partially installed and we can do nothing about it except to wait for the big update...