EMR Spark - TransportClient: Failed to send RPC

When I setup hadoop and spark in my laptop and try to launch spark as "spark-shell --master yarn" I got the same error message.


sudo vim /usr/local/hadoop/etc/hadoop/yarn-site.xml

Add the following property:


Then restart hadoop service


Finally I resolved the problem. It was due to insufficient disk space. One column of hadoop logs showed:

Hadoop YARN: 1/1 local-dirs are bad: /var/lib/hadoop-yarn/cache/yarn/nm-local-dir; 1/1 log-dirs are bad: /var/log/hadoop-yarn/containers

Googling it I found http://gethue.com/hadoop-yarn-11-local-dirs-are-bad-varlibhadoop-yarncacheyarnnm-local-dir-11-log-dirs-are-bad-varloghadoop-yarncontainers/

"If you are getting this error, make some disk space!"

To see this error I have to activate the yarn logs in EMR. See


To have access to the logs port in the cluster ec2 instances I changed security groups for it


master instance was listening here: And core instance here:

Finally I fixed the problem changing in etl.py the type of instances by other ones with bigger disks:

master: m3.2xlarge
core: c3.4xlarge